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Environmental, Social, And Governance Statement

First Infrastructure Capital Advisors, LLC ("FICA") recognizes he importance of its commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance ("ESG") leadership and continually works with stakeholders and portfolio companies to establish, track, maintain, and improve industry leading ESG policies and procedures. At its core, FICA endeavors to develop and invest in strong infrastructure projects and views ESG as a key component of all investment due diligence and asset management activities.  FICA subscribes to the policies of its parent organization, Quanta Services, Inc. ("Quanta") in ESG matters. For more information regarding our commitment to ESG leadership and principals, please visit: 


FICA works to safeguard the envireonment wherever we conduct business consistent with all local, state, and federal regulations. In addition, as a subsidiary of Quanta, we comply with the rigorous environmental compliance standards expected of all subsidiaries, employees, subcontractors and sub consultants. For more information regarding our commitment to environmental leadership and principals, please visit:


FICA strives to uphold a high standard in all social aspects related to ESG. FICA is an equal opportunity employer, with a diverse workforce comprised of men and women from various backgrounds. FICA’s corporate culture is rooted in mutual respect, fair treatment, and the common goal of attaining success. In that same regard, FICA maintains social integrity during the full lifecycle of its investments. FICA works to maintain communication focused on timeliness, transparency, and detail while emphasizing valuing and respecting the interests of those involved and impacted by FICA’s investments.


FICA believes to effectively establish and maintain a strong culture surrounding ESG and sustainability it requires the focus and accountability of senior leadership to drive engagement across the firm. Given this understanding, FICA uses governance structures that provide appropriate levels of oversight with clear responsibility for senior leadership and additional accountability mechanisms across the organization.

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