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Partnering to Shape Infrastructure

First Infrastructure Capital Advisors, LLC ("First Infrastructure") invest in greenfield and brownfield infrastructure assets in the energy, utility, and communications sectors.  First Infrastructure seeks to provide the “first capital” in infrastructure assets and expansions across the project life-cycle.  Leveraging the technical and operational expertise and resources of Quanta Services, Inc., the team at First Infrastructure has unique experience “shaping infrastructure” in all respects—financial, investments, engineering, construction, and operations.

By aligning the broad operational and technical resources of Quanta Services, Inc. with First Infrastructure’s significant capital capacity, First Infrastructure partners with project sponsors, Quanta customers, and other stakeholders to facilitate and accelerate the delivery of the hard assets needed to harness, transport, and store traditional and alternative energy and resources, transmit data, and serve society’s infrastructure needs.

The First Infrastructure investment program started in 2010 with the formation of Quanta Capital Solutions, Inc.   Since 2010, the First Infrastructure team was involved in projects with initial capitalization of over $1.4 billion of equity between Quanta and its partners (see a list of select case studies).  These are representative of the projects First Infrastructure seeks for investment and partnerships.  

First Infrastructure partners with infrastructure project sponsors and stakeholders adding value at all stages of the life-cycle of the project.  First Infrastructure engages early in the project life-cycle leveraging the synergies between strong financial analytics and expertise with the operational expertise, resources, and experience of the operating affiliates of Quanta Services, Inc.  This combination helps project sponsors and stakeholders reduce the risk of greenfield project delivery, align interests during the construction process, and maximize value of the effort required to deliver new projects to the market. 

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